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The Next Step In The Demolition Of Iconic Melbourne Pub

Developers who illegally demolished a 19th-century Melbourne pub have been ordered to cover the site with a tarp and talk to an occupational hygienist after asbestos was found.

The Environment Protection Authority confirmed the presence of asbestos at the site of the former Corkman Irish Pub, known as the Carlton Inn, on Wednesday.

The pub was demolished on the weekend despite a stop work notice, a heritage overlay, and a lack of demolition or planning permits.

The EPA has issued the developers a notice to hold them to account for the waste and require them to prevent any asbestos from leaving the site.

That means putting up signage alerting people about the asbestos, covering the rubble with a tarp and talking to an occupational hygienist.

Students who live nearby the pub are worried about potential exposure to asbestos, and say they received no notice the pub would be demolished.

The demolition was denounced by the Melbourne City Council and the state government, while numerous authorities are investigating.

WorkSafe, the Victorian Planning Authority, Heritage Victoria and the Victorian Building Authority have all been notified of the demolition.

If the developers do not dispose of the asbestos covered material properly, they could face a fine up to $758,350, the EPA said.


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