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The New Way VicRoads Are Getting EVEN MORE Money Off You!

VicRoads are grabbing millions of dollars extra from motorists who renew their registration using credit and debit cards.

They have added a 0.4 percent fee, adding between $2.70 and $3.15 current vehicle registration costs of $675.20 to $787.40, which is dependent on where motorists live.

The new addition has applied to card payments made over the counter or over the phone since July 1.

It is being added to all transactions, so the fee is also slugging pensioners and concession holders.

VicRoads registration and licensing executive director David Shelton said the fee would recover costs rather than raise revenue: “This fee is consistent with other government card payment charges.”

Previously VicRoads had absorbed its $5 million bank usage charges but are now looking to make that money back.

Motorists can avoid the fee by using savings or cheque account options with Eftpos, or by paying with cash, cheques, money orders, or by BPay.

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