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The Melbourne Facebook Page Putting YOUR Pets At Risk

An active Facebook group in Frankston has begun posting graphic images of cats strung up or shot and even one being used as a stubby holder.

The page is called Cat Busters, contains posts that have sickened animal lovers and raised serious concerns at Frankston Council.

The group's activities came to light when flyers were put in letterboxes in Frankston this week.

“Cat Busters catches cats,” the flyer reads. “In suburban areas, this includes the use of cage and leg-hold traps, and most captured cats and up destroyed''.

“In rural areas and some government land cats may be shot on sight.”

The flyer then goes on to remind owners to take responsibility for keeping their cats on their premises saying ''

Any cat found off its owner’s property at any time is at risk of capture and destruction.

“If you have a cat, and you want to keep it, keep it inside.”

The page is described as a ''community organisation'' and in its blurb says they see feral and domestic cats as a major threat to native wildlife.

It states its mission is to ''hunt down feral cats and capture and/or destroy domestic cats found off their owner’s property.''

The page started in September 2015 and has 100 likes, features dire warnings to pet owners before posting photos of cats with large blood spatter under its head, accompanied by the words ''another one bites the dust.''

We have chosen not to post any images or link to the Facebook page.

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