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The Facebook Group Saving Animals From The Bushfires

Over the past few days, Bunyip and its surrounds have been affected by devastating bushfires.

Sparked by lightning strikes on Friday, the fires have destroyed more than 10,000 hectares, while watch and act alerts continue to remain in place for areas further north east, including Licola and Dargo.

More than 2,000 firefighters are working to contain the blazes, which have destroyed seven structures. A heartbreaking consequence of these fires is the loss of livestock and animals, including horses. 

A Facebook group has emerged with people offering their services to accommodate animals.

Currently at 187 members, "Bunyip BushFire Animal Rescue" encourages people to offer services, including helping to put out spot fires, paying for petrol and delivering hay.

The current base of operations is the Dragons Soccer Club in Druoin, across the road from the official relief centre.

If you know are in need of assistance, or are willing to help, go here.  

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