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The Confusing Twist In The Karen Ristevski Murder Case

Yesterday, it was the twist that could have changed the Karen Ristevski case but now it means nothing.

It has emerged that the mechanic who said he was not aware of any issues with Ristevski’s Mercedes, actually gave police an incorrect statement.

Kemal Yusuf, who runs the Mercedes-Benz Service Station in Milleara Rd, Keilor East, told police in the past week that husband Borce Ristevski had never mentioned a problem with a faulty fuel gauge when he brought the car in.

But after a phone call from Mr Ristevski on Wednesday, Mr Yusuf said he had been mistaken about this.

The car is an important aspect of the investigation as Mr Ristevski has told police that on the day his wife vanished, he had taken the car for a drive to test a faulty fuel gauge, returning home when the fault corrected itself.Mrs Ristevski vanished on June 29 last year. Her body was found in bush at Mt Macedon on February 20 this year.

Mr Yusuf said on Wednesday: “Borce rang me today. I thought it was about three years (ago when I last serviced the Mercedes) but he said it was two years ago,” he said.

“He mentioned the fuel gauge to me (today), but I didn’t do the job (originally) so I didn’t remember it.”

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