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Melbourne Home Invasion Leaves Family With Two Kids Hiding

A Melbourne couple with two young sons have had to lock themselves in their bedroom for safety after a gang of youths broke in and stole money and two family cars.

The five teens broke allegedly into the Cranbourne home at about 1:20AM through the bathroom window, which is between the bedrooms of Tenielle and Nathan Ibbotson’s young sons.

Two sets of car keys were taken, which belong to the family’s BMW and Volkswagen, while the couple slept.

“Our first priority was to get the kids and so we just went to our bedroom and hid in there and locked the door,” Ms Ibbotson said.

“Knowing that they obviously looked at us while we were asleep, and that they were brazen enough to come in our bedroom and not even care if we woke up is really scary.”

The Police dog squad located two of the offenders in the stolen Volkswagen on the Monash Freeway near Richmond, where they were then arrested.

Three other offenders dumped the BMW in Reservoir before they fled through several backyards.

They were chased and then arrested.

Two 14-year-old boys and one 16-year-old boy from Tarneit, along with 15-year-old boy from Reservoir and a 17-year-old boy from Seabrook, are currently in police custody.

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