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Sydney Couple "Traumatised" After Baby Accidentally Cremated

A devastated Sydney couple last night revealed that they were still looking for an explanation as to how their stillborn daughter was wrongly sent to be cremated.

Anthony Meyers and Stella Pirko, from Padstow, spoke to Nine News about the trauma of learning that their baby girl was accidentally sent to a funeral home before an autopsy had been carried out.

The couple explained that, after scans indicated that her daughter's bladder was enlarged, Ms Pirko had been induced at 28 weeks.

It was hoped that an autopsy and genetic testing would provide answers as to why Ms Pirko and Mr Meyer's daughter Krystal Rose had the condition, but Liverpool Hospital's blunder robbed them of that chance.

"I came home, I was suffering... I was a mother without a baby and it was so hard," Ms Pirko said. "It has impacted our lives, in a dramatic and horrific way.

"We trusted them to do their jobs, to find out what happened to our baby. We cannot fathom how this happened."

According to reports, the couple's paperwork had gone missing, and a lack of funding for a full-time mortuary technician meant that Krystal Rose's case slipped through the cracks. 

But Ms Pirko is also questioning why their doctor authorised the cremation at all, when he had handled the couple's request for follow-up tests and knew they hadn't been done.

Liverpool Hospital have since said that Ms Pirko and Mr Meyer's case was an isolated one, and that they are currently looking to hire a full-time technician responsible for the facility's mortuary.

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