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Surprsing Aussie Favourites Named As The Country's Dodgiest

It’s the awards show no company wants to attend or do well in. Consumer group Choice hosted its annual Shonky Awards which dubbed nine popular products this year’s ‘lemons.’ 

Samsung's exploding Galaxy Note 7 was labeled one of the ‘worst of the worst’ after it prompted a global recall. The electronics giant supplied more than 50,000 dangerous phones around the world, which contained components which caused battery explosions. It’s not the first time Samsung has taken out a gong, last year it got a mention after its ‘sloppy’ recall of top-loader washing machines, which sparked a series of house fires.  

'The Shonkys are the awards that we'd prefer not to give out — but yet again, we've caught out some of the world's biggest brands with misleading advertising, dangerous products and sneaky tricks to rip off consumers,' CHOICE chief executive Alan Kirkland said. 

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Nestle’s Milo was one of three food products slammed by the consumer group after it discovered the ‘delicious chocolate dirt’s' 4 1/2 star heart rating only applied when mixed with skim milk. A study revealed only 13% of people said they used skim milk with their Milo. A spokesperson for the popular product, which contains 46 per cent sugar, rejected the consumer group’s assessment and said it was ‘completely in line’ with the Heathly Star System, as well as the Australian Dietary Guideline. 

Kellogg’s Pringles were slammed for making consumers think they were getting more for their money when they dropped their price by 10 cents. Choice said the size of the tube, Pringle length and weight all decreased by more than 8.9 per cent. The product's saturated fat content also rose by 60 per cent. 

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Among the other dishonourable mentions was Green and Clean’s bottled air which the consumer group compared to selling ‘thin air.’ Choice also found water to be more effective when it comes to cleaning than Vanish Preen Powder Carpet Cleaner. 

The Victorian Camel Milk Association not only received a Shonky award, but was referred to the food regulator after it claimed its milk 'aided those who have autism, diabetes, tuberculosis, cancer, stomach ulcers and more’ by fighting off bacteria.

Amex took out the award in the financial sector for having one of the highest cost cards on the market, despite promoting a  ‘surcharge free campaign.’ 

"We see nothing at all wrong in promoting that going surcharge free creates a better experience for consumers and ultimately businesses each decide whether to surcharge or not,” a Spokesperson for Anex said. 

The Full Shonky Award List: 

Samsung for offloading dangerous products, namely the Galaxy Note7

Vanish for its "revolutionary product to clean and refresh your carpet," which fails to outperform water

Amex for spruiking a surcharge-free campaign while having one of the highest-cost cards in the market

Nestle's Milo for being 46% sugar and advertising health stars applicable to skim milk-only

Cash Converters for spruiking payday loans under the guise of handy cost-cutting tips

Medical Weightloss Institute for targeting vulnerable people with dodgy diet advice

Green and Clean's bottled air for selling thin air in cans, for more than $240

Kellogg's Pringles for reducing the size of tubs and chips, while increasing fat content

Victorian Camel Association for claiming its product can improve the health of people with "autism, diabetes, tuberculosis and cancer."

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