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Adelaide Boy Loses All 4 Limbs After Catching Deadly Disease

South Australian toddler Riley Nixon, one, has had all four limbs amputated and skin grafting on most of his body after contracting meningococcal disease.

The nasty disease is an acute bacterial infection that can cause death within hours if not recognised and treated in time. Just days ago a child in Western Australia died from the same rare disease. 

Early May 2016, Riley woke up with vomiting and a temperature. As time passed his condition worsened and he could barely move a muscle. His parents knew something wasn't right but no one could have imagined what was about to happen next.

By the time his parents arrived at the hospital with young Riley, he was covered in a rash from head to toe.

According to Rileys mother, Amy Wales, ‘the doctors took one look at him and he was rushed out the back where he was sedated, put on a breathing tube and pumped full of antibiotics’

‘The first 24 hours were critical and he had a very high chance he wouldn't make it through. Riley surprised everyone with how strong he was and how hard he was going to fight for his life and he has won the battle but not without sacrifices.’

Riley is now a four limb amputee and has had skin grafting to the majority of his body.


(Image: GoFundMe)

Described by his mother as ‘an outgoing boy who spent all his time playing outside either in the backyard or at the park’, Riley has spent the last 4 months in the hospital. There is no word on when he will be discharged.

Riley's family has started a GoFundMe page called Rally Round Riley to fundraise $50,000 to provide him with the ongoing care and support he needs.


Main Image: Australian Herald

Source: Daily Mail

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