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Snoop Dogg's Reaction To California Legalising Weed Is 100%

At the same time that Donald Trump was taking a big ol' stroll into the White House yesterday, six US states approved new weed laws.

California, Massachussets and Nevada legalised the recreational use of marijuana, while Florida, North Dakota and Arkansas also voted to pass cannibis measures. 

According to The Telegraph, Cali's approval means that nearly a fifth of all Americans now live in a weed-friendly jurisdiction - and, of course, one of those residents is marijuana master Snoop Dogg.

In classic Snoop style, his celebratory Tweet was somewhat understated.

But the rest of the internet wasn't so chilled out; Cheech & Chong's Tommy Chong went balls to the wall with an entire shelf of weed.

While everyone else tried to find the humour in a bleak, Trump-filled future.

Every cloud, hey?

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