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There's An Alleged Burrito Bandit On The Loose In Adelaide

Police are hunting for a well dressed middle-aged man who's been dubbed the 'burrito bandit', after the unbelievable lengths he allegedly went to get a free meal.  

The man was caught on security camera stealing the hole puncher used to validate loyalty cards from popular Mexican chain Zambreros in North Adelaide.

The CCTV footage was provided to Mix 102.3 exclusively. 


Loyal customers are rewarded with a free burrito every ninth purchase, but this brazen thief wasn't interested in waiting. The franchise's owner, Fred Lamba, alleged the man distracted staff by confusing them with his order, before swiping the hole puncher.

"He started pointing out different things and he's just gone grab. We realised within literally two minutes because we used it with every customer," Mr Lamba claims. 

Mr Lamba alleges it's not the first time the man in question has frequented the store and is warning other local business owners not to be fooled by his flashy appearance.

"He had a suit on, a nice watch and everything. Nicely groomed. You wouldn't pick him at all," he said. 


Source: Supplied. 

And what does one do after stealing a loyalty hole puncher?... that's right, test it out.  The man allegedly received a free burrito and new loyalty card after deceiving staff at Zambreros on Rundle Street shortly after the theft. Who says crime doesn't pay!?

The bizarre robbery has forced stores around the state to change the way they validate their loyalty cards. The original 'Z' hole punch has now been replaced by a stamp.

Zambreros currently donates a plate of food for every burrito or bowl purchased for someone in need, which is why it has disappointed the franchise's owner so greatly. 

"It was disappointing he'd make that effort to do that. He's pretty much robbing from the unfortunate people to start with and our loyal customers,' Mr Lamba said. 

Like many business owners, Mr Lamba turned to social media in an attempt to hunt down the culprit and to inform Zambrero's loyal customers about the change to loyalty cards. Lock your burritos away because he remains at large.  

Police are investigating and are urging anyone with information to come forward.  

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