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Footage Shows Driver Allegedly Assault TWO Pedestrians

A motorist has been caught on camera attacking two people at a busy intersection in a violent road-rage tow.

The footage was filmed on Bay Street in Port Melbourne at around 1 PM on Thursday.

A man is filmed stepping out of his car and assaulting a pedestrian as well as second man.

It is believed the pedestrian attempted to cross the road at the intersection of Graham Street and Bay Street when he was almost hit by a man’s four-wheel drive.

The pedestrian then signalled the driver, who got out of his car and confronted him, witnesses said.

A passer-by who saw the incident then rushed over to assist the pedestrian but was allegedly assaulted and placed in a chokehold.

'Two guys were arguing over something- the driver put him in a sleeper hold,' a witness said. Five men ran over to restrain the alleged offender before he was arrested by police.

No charges have yet been laid.

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