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Renting In Sydney? You AREN'T Allowed To Do These Two Things

Residents in New South Wales could be banned from smoking cigarettes and hosting BBQs on their apartment balconies when a new set of strata laws come into effect on November 30.

The new reforms, which include more than 90 changes to existing strata law, will affect the two million plus people in NSW who own, rent or manage Apartments.

As part of the reforms, it will be much easier for tenants to make a complaint about their neighbour's cigarette or barbecue smoke wafting into their apartment.

Owners corporations will now be able to set up smoking arrows that will allow residents to get their nicotine fix.

The penalties for residents ignoring complaints have been hiked up as well, with a maximum fine of $1100 for the first offence and then $2200 for a second breach.

The smoking penetration law states that 'smoke caused by the smoking of tobacco or any other substance' must not drift to the common property of other apartments.

The fines will go straight to the owners corporation and not to the government to give more incentives for committees to follow through with complaints.

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