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Politician Wants Motherhood To Be Mandatory For All Women

Last week, Ohio passed a bill that would ban abortions at six weeks, which medical professionals are strongly against due to the complications around performing the procedure before a pregnancy shows up on an ultrasound. 

During intense debate over the bill, Republican state representative Christina Hagan took to the floor - holding her infant twins - to shame women who aren't mothers.

"Motherhood isn't easy, but it's necessary" the US politician declared, reiterating her bill to make motherhood mandatory. 

Christina Hagan justified her belief by insinuating that forced childbirth is a necessity in ensuring the continuation of the human race.

However, Salon reports that almost 60 per cent of women who seek abortions are mothers already. Meanwhile, those who are yet to be parents may plan to have children in the future, but would rather wait until they're stable, both economically and romantically, which is essential best for the child.

This begs the question - isn't it better for children to be raised in stable homes than the alternative?

It has also been reported that the passing of this abortion ban may lead the American state to consider classifying fertilised eggs, embryos and foetuses as "persons" in the criminal code. 

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