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Police Warning After MASSIVE Spike In Motor Vehicle Thefts

Number plate theft in Monash is through the roof, with 123 recorded offences between February and April. 

On top of that, there's been a rise in thefts of items in motor vehicles - particularly of garage remotes.

Mt Waverley and Glen Waverley saw the biggest rise. 

Senior Constable Mitch Redford from the Monash vehicle crime team, said:

“We are probably seeing one or two incidents a day where they are breaking into cars and stealing garage remotes which are accessible.” 

“People leave them in their cars — I know the reason they do it, because it’s easy.

“But if they can get inside the garage, a lot of the time they can get inside the house, and from there they can commit burglaries, steal cars and take house keys.

“We are trying to tell people that if they are not parked in the garage, to bring their remotes inside.”

“So not only are those plates stolen … but if they’re not replaced in time, traffic cameras and other offending could lead to the victim having to go through all that stress of having to explain themselves.”

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