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Police Fears As FEMALE Gangs Takeover New Areas Of Melbourne

Girls as young as 12 are joining female only gangs, including one which is affiliated with the violent Apex gang.

Known as the ‘Aces’ or the ‘As’ the Apex related gang is operating in the Dandenong area of Melbourne.

The police fear that the groups are escalating their crimes and are now turning to random attacks on victims in popular nightlife areas, according to the Herald Sun.

Girl gangs are now at record numbers and their teenage members are being charged with robberies, assaults and weapons offences.

Other girl gangs in the city included the Laverton based ‘Lavs’ and the ‘Dum-Bees’ from Sunshine.

Females are making up a ‘significant’ portion of youth offenders, a source told the Herald Sun.

The most extreme report has seen a 13-year-old being banned from inner-city parts of Melbourne after being involved in a ‘three-month crime spree’ and refusing to attend school.

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