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Paris Jackson Offends All Of Australia With Insensitive Post

Paris Jackson has caused quite the stir since coming to Australia.

The Prince of Pop's only daughter is believed to have been visiting a wildlife sanctuary on Hamilton Island, where images of her patting a dingo were taken.

Posting to her instagram story, the model captioned: "a dingo ate my baby".


While it is unclear whether Paris actually understands the true meaning of the saying, it has still offended many.

The line refers to Australia's most infamous criminal cases in which Lindy Chamberlain was wrongfully imprisoned over the death of her two-month-old daughter.

Professor Michelle Arrow told Courier Mail that American knowledge of the incident comes from pop culture and Meryl Streep's performance of Lindy.

“I’m sure if Paris Jackson knew the true facts of the case, that a nine-week-old baby girl was taken out of her tent by a dingo, and that’s one of the most horrible things you can imagine happening, she probably wouldn’t make that joke, but I certainly don’t think it was said with malicious intent,” Professor Arrow said.

Paris also put herself in the spotlight this week when she put her face up against the window in the Birdcage at The Melbourne Cup.

Firing back on twitter, she slammed the Aussie media for comparing her to her late father, when she was called "whacko jacko 2.0".


Source: Courier Mail

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