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Now Meghan Markle's Sister Has Been Hospitalized

Honestly this is turning into an episode of Bold and The Beautiful. 

The outspoken (estranged) half sister of Meghan Markle has allegedly been hospitalized after a confrontation with photographers. 

She has reportedly broken her ankle and fractured her knee during the incident and is currently receiving care. 

Samantha's boyfriend, Mark, broke the news to media site TMZ, along with his version of events. 

It is being alleged that the pair were driving in Florida when a photographer veered in front of them. 

Mark, who it seems was driving, swerved to the left to avoid a confrontation but instead hit a concrete barrier near a toll booth. 

He said his girlfriend first hit the windshield before dropping to the floor mat. 

Samantha, who also suffers from multiple sclerosis, was then unable to lift herself up and her foot was reportedly twisted backwards. 

Mark then drove his girlfriend to the emergency room where she is being treated, while the photographer reportedly fled the scene of the incident.  

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