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New Claims About Missing Melbourne Mother Karen Ristevski

Missing Melbourne woman Karen Ristevski has not been murdered and will be hiding overseas, her brother-in-law has claimed.

Vasko Ristevski, believes the mother is still alive and most likely living in China and the US, having fled overseas on a false passport.

Mrs Ristevski was last seen leaving her Avondale Heights home on June 29 to clear her heard after a row with her husband Borce over money.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, Vasko Ristevski said his brother did not have it in him to murder his wife.

“A lot of husbands do that (murder) for some reason, but no way is Borce capable of that,” he said.

He believes that family tensions between Mrs Ristevski and her stepson, Anthony may have taken a toll on her marriage which would lead her to plan her disappearance once her daughter Sarah had turned 21.

“I reckon she’s run away. That’s my feeling, what with all the rumours going on about Anthony (Rickard),” he said.

“She’s been going overseas to America and Hong Kong each month for the past ten years on business, and I’m told it’s fairly easy to get a false passport.

“I did put the rumours (about Rickard) to Borce, but he said Karen’s not here to ­answer them. “I don’t think she will come back; I reckon she’s gone for good.”

Victoria Police spokeswoman Amara Bostock refused to comment on Vasko Ristevski’s claims.

“The investigation remains with the missing person's squad and that investigation remains ongoing. There are no updates,” she said.

Soruce : Herald Sun

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