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CCTV Footage Could Help Track Karen Ristevski

A car that is possibly owned by missing Avondale Heights woman Karen Ristevski was captured on a neighbour’s closed-circuit TV system on the day she disappeared.

Mrs Ristevski, 47, was last seen on June 29.

It is believed that she left her house to ‘clear her head’ after a row over money.

According to the Herald Sun, a resident near the Ristevski’s Oakley Drive home has recently handed police CCTV footage, taken from a camera positioned outside her house.

The resident has told police that her camera caught a car matching the description of Mrs Ristevski’s vehicle on the day of the disappearance.

However, an early examination of the footage, it is not clear whether or not the driver can be identified.

Police are now hoping that video-enhancing technology will allow them to zoom in on the driver.

CCTV footage had also been taken from a Chemist Warehouse and a TAB in Milleara Road, but it failed to capture any vision or Mrs Ristevski or her car.

Sergeant Sharon Darcy, on behalf of Victoria Police, declined to comment about any CCTV footage under examination.

“The investigation remains active and continuing,” Sgt Darcy said, speaking to the Herald Sun.

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