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Naughty Kids Devastated When Easter Bunny Leaves This Letter

Like many kids across Australia, Holly, Zach and Jake woke on Sunday morning to find a little trail left behind by the Easter Bunny.

As they followed the tracks through the house they didn’t find the tower of chocolate they had been dreaming of, but a stern letter from the Easter bunny.

“Dear Holly, Jake and Zach, I am writing this letter to let you know that this year I have decided you are on my ‘naughty list’ and I’m not bringing you any Easter eggs or gifts because I have been watching carefully and you have been very naughty,” the note read.

 “Fighting, arguing and not doing as you are told.”

The kids were given a chance to get back in the good-books by Christmas as the Easter bunny wrote he had “rung Santa and told him to keep a close eye out to see if your behaviour improves”.

“Then you will still have time to make his good list. Please behave for your mummy and remember, I am always watching.”


When mum, Elizabeth posted a photo and video of the letter on Facebook the response was divided.

Many parents said it was cruel to destroy the magic of Easter, while others agreed it was a great tactic to get her kids back in line. 

“I find this so cruel,” wrote one commenter on Facebook.

“When your child misbehaves you deal with it right there and then,” wrote another. “You don’t drag it on and let the Easter bunny deal with it.”

Speaking to, Elizabeth defended her actions.

Ms Elizabeth told the website her children “aren’t temper tantrum kids”, but had been , fighting like every typical kid.

“I have been saying to them ‘if you don’t start respecting each other or me and my rules, things like the Easter bunny and those special treats aren’t coming into the house any more’,” she said.

“This year I thought, ‘no, I’m going to teach them a lesson’.”

Since the note saga, Ms Elizabeth said her kids have turned their attitude around, and the family has had no arguments.

Her eldest, Holly even wrote a letter apologising to the Easter bunny.


“I am so sorry for being naughty, mean to my brothers and not doing what I was told. I will try to be good bye (sic) next year. Hoverfly (sic) next year you can bring me a yummy Easter egg and a nice new toy.”

What do you think? Cruel or clever parenting? 

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