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Missing Melbourne Man’s Heartbreaking Last Texts To Partner

A Melbourne man with a history of epilepsy had been missing for more than 24 hours after he went hiking in New Zealand. Robert Galdamez, 25, was only prepared for a day walk and had no food and very little water.

Mr Galdamez's partner, Tim Heritage, was concerned he may have suffered an epileptic episode. Mr Heritage was left worried after his partner stopped responding to his text messages. 

Mr Heritage told the Otago Daily Times"He did say he was getting scared and I kept asking him, 'Are you alright, are you alright?' and he didn't respond back to my messages.

'Later on I checked and it had been an hour. He's not a person to just not reply back.'

Senior Constable Terry Wood told The Otago Daily Timesthe message Mr Galdamez  made contact just after 6PM on Tuesday saying was he ''wasn't sure where he was'', was not "too comfortable" and believed it would be dark soon.

UPDATE: We're pleased to report Mr Galdamez has been found alive.

According to The Age, he was discovered by searchers in the early hours of this morning suffering from hypothermia but otherwise OK. He is currently recovering in hospital and is expected to be discharged later today.

Source: ODT / The Age

Image: NZ Police

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