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Metro Trains Have Another Huge Problem And It's Annoying AF

It’s been quite a week for Metro Trains and it seems to have just got a little worse.

The Herald Sun is reporting that Melbourne’s trains do not pass the sound test.

According to the newspaper testing of Metro Trains fleet has revealed that none of its horns meet the new Australian standards.

The testing was required after Public Transport Victoria asked the Metro to investigate ways of lowering noise at night.

The minimum recommended decibel limit for a warning device is 106dB, however, Metro only reach 96dB to 101dB.  Some trains went way over at 113dB.

Metro says their current practice is for drivers to use the highest horn in urban and country areas and this is why they receive the complaints.

Metro says that retrospectively modifying its rolling stock to achieve full compliance with the standard “would most likely require significant funding, but would have a beneficial impact on noise complaints”.

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