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Magpie Attacks On The Rise As One Victim Requires Surgery

Everyone knows that Spring is swooping season for Magpies and other dive-bombing birds, but new reports have said that the attacks are currently on the rise here in Melbourne.

In fact it's becoming so bad that one victim actually required surgery after a Magpie's beak penetrated their eye.

And this was not a one-off attack after the city's Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital has seen injuries skyrocket as a result of the black and white birds.

The emergency director for the hospital, Dr Carmel Crock has said, "Normally we might see one or two a month. But in July we saw 14 cases of bird eye injuries. August there were 12."

"In the last week, we saw five in the one day, including a penetrating eye injury that needed to go to theatre," she continued.

It is believed that Lonsdale Street in Melbourne's CBD is one of the worst spots for swooping and eye-clawing as well as Punt Road, Lygon Street and Heffernan Lane.

"Being swooped by a bird is not just an unpleasant experience - they can cause real harm if they strike your eyes," Dr Crock said.

If a person's eye is attacked by one of the birds they could suffer corneal lacerations and abrasions, infections from dirt as well as puncture wounds in extreme cases.

Pedestrians are being warned to take caution while walking in the area.

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