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Melbourne's Snake Season Is Here! This Is The SNAKIEST Place

The cold, wet spring that Victoria has suffered through means there will be more snakes lurking around our homes this summer, reptile experts have warned.

The ‘snake season’ is starting late due to the cooler temperatures but with warm weather arriving last week, it has prompted a surge in calls from people finding snakes around their properties.

Snakes in the northern and western suburbs have been more active earlier than in other areas but ALL areas are threatened by the creatures.

Barry Goldsmith of Snake Catcher Victoria told the Herald Sun “With all the rain the grass has grown, so there are more mice and rodents living out there in the grass. Once the sun burns off the grass and everything goes brown, mice and critters will invade houses and snakes will follow them in,”

“It’s been a cool start to the year so not a lot of snakes, but as it warms up it’s going to be red-hot and there will be a lot of people come into contact with snakes,” said Mr Goldsmith who covers the Mornington Peninsula.

Tiger snakes are the most common venomous snake found around Melbourne, with brown snakes also abundant.

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