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Melbourne's Most Dangerous Train Station Escalators Revealed

A major Metro Trains safety campaign has been put into action following a study into Melbourne's busiest railway stations.

Melbourne's Parliament Station escalators, which are reportedly the longest in the Southern Hemisphere, has caused the most accidents over the past decade. 

New research shows that two to three serious incidents occur each week at Melbourne railway stations - and Parliament Station was the scene of the most falls.

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It's believed almost half of these incidents involved people falling backwards while travelling up the escalator, which is allegedly twice as likely as falling forwards while travelling down the people mover. Thirty-nine per cent of these involved people carrying bags.

At Parliament station, the first set of escalators take approximately one and a half minutes to travel from top to bottom, which is closely followed by a second escalator that takes you to lower platforms. 

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However, it is the lighting, colours and general layout of the space that may be distracting passengers, inciting feelings of dizziness, vertigo and loss of balance.

Metro Trains has designed signs around various Melbourne train stations, particularly its Parliament stop, to remind people of the dangers. They have also planned to resurface the escalator steps in an attempt to lower the number of accidents. This will include anti-slip floor treatments and improved lighting. 


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