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Melbourne's Latest Insect Infestation Could RUIN Your Home

We just keep getting swarms of things we don’t want in Melbourne!

First, we had the mosquitoes, then the flies came and now.. say hello to termites.

According to Dr Don Ewart Dr Don Ewart, an entomologist who teaches pest management at Melbourne Polytechnic, our weather patterns have meant termites are ‘having a ball’ across Melbourne.

It appears that the same weather patterns we experienced in November and December have made for the perfect breeding conditions for termite breeding and exploring.

"They have had a good, wet spring and we are getting this moisture, and they are still quite actively exploring," he said.

"The pest managers who do specialist termite work are all run off their feet,’’ Ewart told The Age.

Termites are attracted to moisture and dampness, so any home with water (that’s all of us) could be a hazard.

‘’Termites always need a drink, Dr Ewart says, "and if the food is close to the water source, then life is really good. Otherwise, they have to keep carrying water with them, and that means they explore less."

The hardest hit suburbs are Williamstown, South Melbourne and Footscray, who“are getting lots of attacks at this time of year", Dr Ewart says – but new suburbs are no safer than older ones.

"New suburbs will have a few attacks, and then they get about ten years old and tend to have a whole lot more," he said.

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