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Melbourne Zoo Has Lost Another Of Its Most Loved Animals

Melbourne’s first baby pygmy hippo to be born in 33 years has lost its mother.

Peter died on Monday at age 32 after she suffered a cerebral haemorrhage.

A CT scan identified there were multiple areas of bleeding on her brain.

Melbourne Zoo’s Wild Seas manager Marcia Salverson said there was no prospect of a recovery for the mother of four and as a result, she was euthanised.

"Petre was the sweetest animal, so gentle-natured, she was just lovely," she said.

"We loved her and we miss her."

Petre was born in Adelaide and had been part of the endangered species breeding program at Taronga Zoo in Sydney and Melbourne.

Researchers believe fewer than 3000 survive in the wild, with deforestation and poaching for meat their major threats.

The death comes weeks after the zoo's baby elephant Willow was also euthanised after a battle with an infection.

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