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Woman With Disability Robbed By Cruel Thieves In Daylight

A magazine vendor with cerebral palsy has been robbed on a busy street in Melbourne's CBD in front of passers-by who didn't know what was happening.

The woman was selling the Big Issue magazine in front of a fast food outlet in the afternoon 10 days ago when a man approached her, wiped her face and then rummaged through her belongings, Victoria Police say.

The woman, who was unable to alert passing pedestrians due to her medical condition, could only watch as the thief then slipped her purse into his back pocket and walked off.

Authorities have released CCTV footage of the men in hope of catching them.


(Image: Vic Police)

According to police, two men who were smoking cigarettes began touching the woman's face and rummaging through her belongings. One of the men slipped the woman's purse into his back pocket.

According to The Age, one of the men is perceived to be of Aboriginal appearance. He was wearing a hooded camouflage cargo jacket, a white T-shirt and a beanie at the time of the theft.

The other man, described as Caucasian with a slim build, loitered near the scene of the crime for some time. 

He was wearing a grey hooded vest, denim shorts, black leggings and grey runners with fluorescent green laces.

The man also had a distinctive mohawk haircut with shaved sides and a long goatee, along with a bandaged elbow.

Anyone with further information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1900 333 000.

Source: AAP/The Age

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