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Melbourne Suburbs Under Siege From Gangland Warfare

Police believe the recent spate of shootings is part of a fresh gangland war playing out in Melbourne's Suburbs. 

After four shootings in four days (in Dandenong, Meadow Heights and Kensington), police are looking for eight fugitives with gang affiliations.

The Herald Sun is reporting that one of Tony Mokbel's former associate's, Mitat Rasimi, was the man shot in Dandenong on Sunday night. 

Outlaw motorcycle gangs and Middle Eastern crime gangs are believed to be caught up in the messy and bloody conflict. 

Facilitating these shootings have been a flood of illegal drugs entering Australia, with Australian Border Force detecting more than 1100 illegal guns and firearm parts across the country. 

It's believed that the recent shootings come after months of conflict characterised by drive-by shootings and arson attacks. 

Crime Command acting ­Assistant Commissioner ­Michael Frewen confirmed police were pursuing gangland links

“We are exploring all avenues. Each shooting has specific information and we are exploring the associations and reasons for contact,” he said.

“This includes occupation, who they were associated with and what contact they had.”

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