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Melbourne Schools ''Not Good Enough'' At These TWO Things

Pupils have made no major gains in literacy and numeracy since 2012, despite the government's focus on making Victoria the ‘Education State’.

The latest National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy results were released on Wednesday and showed no improvement in any area in the past year. The results were the same nationwide.

Despite a struggle to improve writing in year 9, the data showed a drop in average scores from 2011.

Scores were better for years 3, and 5 who reached or pass the minimum standard in writing this year and were also equal first with New South Wales for spelling.

Federal Minister for Education and Training Simon Birmingham said nationally NAPLAN results had reached a plateau “ per centVictoria has historically been a high performing state and continues to uphold its end of the bargain,” he said.

“Nationally we need to have a look at why its performance is plateauing and especially why it is we’re not getting the type of gains we’d hope to receive when we are putting in record sums of funding, that have grown by more percent a federal level over the last few years.”

Education Minister James Merlinso said it was pleasing to see Victoria continued to be one of the highest-performing states and applauded teachers work.

He said ‘’“But there’s room for imp­rovement, which is why we’ve set targets around reading, maths, resilience, physical act­ivity, creativity and reducing the impact of disadvantage.” Pupils will receive their reports from August 15.

Pupils will receive their reports from August 15.

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