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Melbourne Girl Writes Heartbreaking Poem Following Loss

Almost a year ago, Gerica Mendelson, a 13 year old Melbourne girl, lost her best friend to a rare form of bone cancer.

Christina Lagogiannis was only 12 years old when she passed away in November 2015. It was only 22 months after she was first diagnosed.

The pair had met at primary school, and became best friends.

Gerica says she tries to only remember Christina before she got sick.

"We liked to put on pounds of blue eye shadow, the brightest pink lipstick available and wear anything with glitter," she said, the Herald Sun reported.

Regular treatment for Christina did not work for her case. Christina's family made attempts to raise money for some less conventional treatment in Germany, but that also unfortunately failed. The family were able to raise more than $100,000.

Gerica recently shared the poem she wrote for her best friend at an Open Mic night at the Dan O'Connell Hotel in Carlton.

Her poem is called 'Dragon Called Cancer'.

Confidence is not the only thing you took from her,
You took away more, so much more. Her smile, self-esteem, stability, will to live. She will never get married.
Because it was you who caught her strength, mental health and the light that once lived behind her eyes.
You stole her own body from her.
You are a thief.

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