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Bad News: Melbourne's Pollen Forecast Is About To PEAK

When experts told us that hayfever symptoms were expected to get worse in November, they certainly weren't wrong. This week's pollen forecast is absolute proof. 

Unless you’ve been indoors with the windows shut the whole time over the last few weeks, you would have noticed a SYMPHONY of sneezes all around Melbourne.

Melburnians have been feeling the burden of hayfever in a serious way. We're feeling it!

We hate to break it to you, but tomorrow is set to be rather hellish for hayfever sufferers.

Today's forecast was 'low' and i've already been sneezing all morning. Tomorrow's forecast? 'High'.


(Image: Melbourne Pollen)

Anyone else keen to stay indoors tomorrow? 

If you suffer from hayfever, keep yourself up to date with Melbourne Pollen Count and Forecast HERE

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