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Newlyweds Are The Latest Victims Of APEX Gang Style Attack

A newlywed couple from Melbourne were left devastated after they had discovered their wedding gifts had been stolen from their home.

Kayleigh and James Webb’s house in Clyde North were broken into just 15 minutes after they left for work on Thursday, five days after they got married.

Gifts the couple received from their wedding last week were taken, as well as their Playstation, spare car keys and jewellery including Jame’ wedding ring.

All the money they had received alongside the gifts was also taken.

'Everything's just been taken, and we feel very violated,' Ms Webb said.

The couple had moved into their house just two weeks earlier but are now staying with family as they feel unsafe.

'This is the first time that we've been back since it happened and we said that if it feels like home again then we'll stay, but this doesn't feel like home,' Ms Webb said.

A GoFundMe has been set up asking for friends and family to help them back on their feet. At present, the total stands a $875 of $2,000.

Credit; 7 News Melbourne

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