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Melbourne, Meet The Hero Of The Commonwealth Bank Explosion

A tradesman has been hailed a hero after he ran to the aid of the injured after a man set himself alight in a Melbourne bank.

Ash Atkin-Fone was laying pipes in an alleyway when heard an explosion and the screams of a child coming from the Commonwealth Bank in Springvale, Melbourne at 11.30am on Friday.

'This kid comes running out, screaming his head off, with skin hanging off everywhere,' Mr Atkin-Fone told 9News.

'I ran across the road to Optus, grabbed the fire extinguisher and tried to put the fire out.' Mr Atkin-Fone entered the smoke-filled bank as people were evacuated from the back exit as the fire alarms rang out.

'I was four metres inside choking and just shouting, "Is anybody inside?"' he said.

Mr Atkin-Fone then tried putting the flames out before the fire brigade arrived.

He had earlier heard a man yelling when the bank would not give him any money.

'There were four people getting blasted [with glass] along the street,' the heroic tradie told The Herald Sun.

He said he 'had to' put himself in danger and run into the burning building.

'What would you do? Instincts just kicked in,' Mr Atkin-Fone said.

Twenty-Seven people were injured in the explosion at the Commonwealth Bank in Springvale on Friday at 11:30AM.

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