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Man Tells Of 'Terrifying Jill Meagher Style' Ordeal

A Melbourne man has described the terrifying moment he tried to stop two men from following a woman home after a night out and he has likened it to a possible Jill Meagher situation.

The man, who published details of the ordeal on Reddit, was walking on Fitzroy Street in St Kilda at 1AM on Sunday morning when he spotted a woman in her 20s walking on her own just in front of him.

As he walked past her, he slowed down as he saw two men come out of a nearby sex shop and start talking to her.

'Stumbled into a possible Jill Meagher situation last night. It was horrible,' the man said. '(The men) start walking with her real close, matching her pace, and try to start up a conversation. She's kinda responding but trying to shut the convo down,' the man said.

'I'm getting a bad feeling already just by the fact that they're so obviously walking in step with her now it's like they're not going to leave her alone. So I kinda decide at this stage I'm going to stay with her wherever this ends up going.'

The man said they continued to follow the woman for 50 metres and asked her where she was going and if she wanted to come up to the apartment where they were staying.

She said no but one of the men insisted on walking her own, the other man walked away at this stage.

The reddit user said she was constantly trying to get rid of the ‘insistent’ man and eventually said she was not sure where she was going.

'I'm a shorter guy, he's 6 foot plus and solidly built so I'm thinking trying to confront the guy directly could end up pretty bad,' he said.

The man was finally able to quietly ask if she was okay when they stopped at an intersection - and she shook her head to say she wasn't.

'He's still pestering her and we start crossing the street. At this stage she brilliantly gets the idea to come over to me and ask if I know the area.

 'I say I live just by there and so I'll walk her there to show her the way. (My apartment is 200 metres behind us in the other direction by now...).

'Now she makes a very good move, and turns to the other guy and says "This guy (me) lives just by there so I'll walk with him". Thank god, the other guy says "oh ok" and turns around and leaves.'

The user said it was frightened him how quickly it happened, especially considering that at no stage did the woman ever say she wanted his company.

'What kind of person just invades someone's space like that and insists on walking with them totally uninvited, to their house, at 1am? And his mate, who knew what was going on, who just peeled off at their hotel and let him continue with it,' he said.

'This really frightened me. Just how quick it happened and how few opportunities there were for her to throw this guy off before she potentially got into a very, very isolated position alone with him on a deserted St Kilda Road junction.' 

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