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Melbourne Familys Warned After Creepy Threats Made

The creepy clown craze has struck in Camberwell, where a person in a park dressed as a clown threatened two 13-year-old boys.

The incident happened at Through Road last week when the two youngsters were riding their bike and saw a person dressed as a clown sitting on a set of swings.

The clown started shouting at the teenagers and chased them with what is believed to be a fake knife.

Senior Sergeant Mark Standish said the offender was a copycat, with similar incidents happening around the city.

“The offence is related to the ‘creepy clown’ phenomenon which has come across from the USA,” Sen-Sgt Standish said.

“Offenders dress as clowns and terrorise children, often with weapons.

“It is believed that the phenomenon was inspired by the upcoming remake of Stephen King’s It which involves an evil clown. Other areas have already had similar incidents.

“Please advise your kids to be wary of this issue and give any of these idiots a wide berth.” Anyone with any information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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