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Melbourne Could Be Next In Line For Drinking Lockout Laws

A study has put Melbourne in the spotlight for lockout laws.

An Australian-first study into intoxication rates in licensed venues across the country has observed that people are getting drunker than they ever have before.

As a result, there is a renewed call for tougher restrictions in Victoria on opening hours and the sale of alcohol, as controversially introduced in Sydney two years ago.

The study looked at incidents in nightclubs such as signs of inebriation, including slurred speech, staggering, fumbling change, bumping into people or furniture, and aggression.

The study, published in the International Journal of Drug Policy, made 828 ‘observations’ from 32 people of signs of intoxication, in 5 Australian cities including Melbourne and Geelong.

Crowded venues and the number of male patrons were other risk factors for the high rates of drunkenness.

Professor Miller, from Deakin University, said the study had backed up the policy of closing early and said lock out laws had been ‘’hugely successful.’’

Victoria had previously trailed lockout laws in 2008 produced mixed results and Victorian Minister for Liquor and Gaming Regulation Marlene Kairouz said ‘’lockouts would be disastrous for the fabric of our city’s social and cultural identity”.

“We are getting on with making vibrant Melbourne a 24-hour city. We have a liquor freeze on beer barns, and inspectors on the beat making sure licensees are doing the right thing.”

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