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The $1.5 Million Plan To COOL DOWN Melbourne's Hot Weather

As temperatures rise many of Melbourne's trees are struggling to cope with rising temperatures and drier conditions. To cope with a hotter climate, Melbourne City Council plan to plant new trees around the city centre.

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle put research into the idea, after scientists made the startling discovery was made that Melbourne's city centre is in fact 5 degrees hotter than the outskirts. 

As Australians face the realities of climate change, species like elms or poplars are considered too vulnerable.

Since 2012, 3,000 news trees have been planted on a yearly basis. The next projects on the list are Southbank Boulevard and Queen Victoria Market areas. 

According to ABC Newsthe city's urban forest strategy costs $1.5 million each year, but Cr Doyle said it was a worthwhile investment.

"We are doing a 100 years policy, our grandchildren and great grandchildren will enjoy the urban forest of Melbourne just like we have," he said.

Source: ABC News

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