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TOP News For Those Who Are BATTLING Through Hay Fever Season

Hay Fever sufferers in Melbourne are feeling the burden of allergies worse than ever this Spring. Thankfully, Melbourne City Council have targeted a tree species that is often blamed for triggering allergies. 

As many of Melbourne's trees struggle to cope with rising temperatures and dry conditions, Melbourne City Council plan to plant new tree species around the city.

The good news? Plane trees which feature in many of Melbourne's grand boulevards and are often blamed for triggering hay fever, will not be among the species gradually replaced.

Plane trees are one of the most common species lining the streets of Melbourne's CBD and inner suburbs.

The Melbourne City Council, which started to target plane trees in 2015, are replacing the trees with alternative species.

The city's urban forest strategy costs $1.5 million each year. 

What do you find is the worst trigger for your allergies? Tell us in the comments section below!

Source: ABC News

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