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Mark Tromp Reveals To His Family How He Avoided Police

The man who disappeared during a mysterious cross state car trip with his family has told his relatives how he avoided being seen for days.

Mark Tromp is expected to return home to his Silvan property in the coming days.

He has told police where he stayed during his ordeal but has not spoken publicly as he continues to recover.

Police believed that he might have broken into a motel in Wangaratta after they found a muesli packet in a room that had been disturbed late last week.

However, that has now been ruled out after Mr Tromp told his family he had somewhere to shelter, which is now in a statement with police.

Authorities had been searching across Victoria and NSW for Mr Tromp and his wife Jacoba after they suffered poor mental health and went missing in strange circumstances.

The couples worried children were worried about the family, but it has now emerged that Ella and Riana alleged stole a car and travelled to Goulburn where they separated.

Later that day Riana was found dazed in the back seat of a local man’s ute.

Ella arrived home to Silvan on Tuesday and then was charged with ft of a motor vehicle and possessing proceeds of crime.

No further charges are expected to be take.

Mrs Tromp and her eldest daughter are still in the care of doctors in NSW.

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