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Many People Think The World Will END Next Month

For those who believe in theories about our earth and future, a startling report will no doubt have you more than a little worried this morning. According to a report on the Daily Mail, a video posted on YouTube claims the world may be ended by a hidden planet hurtling through our solar system called Nibiru.

Conspiracy theorists believe the world’s scientists and governments have been covering up this impending doomsday for ages.

The video claims to capture footage of the mysterious ‘Planet X’, alongside a blood moon, which they believe marks the beginning of the end.

For years, conspiracy theorists have claimed that Nibiru or ‘Planet X’ will wreak havoc on earth.

The new video suggests the blood moons are really the shadow of Nibiru as it nears Earth.

The video states: ‘The video you’re about to watch is going to change everything you have been taught and everything that you believe in.

‘This will show the real reason why the moon has been turning a blood red… it is because planet Nibiru was next to it and casting its red shadow upon the moon.’

Source: Daily Mail

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