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Crackdown On OBikes After They Were Dumped Across Melbourne

Three councils in Melbourne have announced a crackdown on oBike companies after the bikes were dumped in rivers and trees across the state.

Melbourne, Yarra and Port Phillip are the councils involved in the scheme having set out a new set of rules to help improve public safety and clean up the city.

The councils have said that they will confiscate bikes and enforce fines to release the impounded bikes if they are found to be breaching the latest rules.

The new agreement will force oBike Australia to make sure their bikes:

1. Do not obstruct footpath access

2. Are parked upright at all times

3. Are not parked on steps, ramps or other areas that provide assistance to the vision impaired

4. Are parked clear of roadside kerbs, and not on traffic islands or against trees, buildings, light poles or street furniture

OBike will also be held responsible for fixing faulty bikes and for relocating any bikes placed in a dangerous or incorrect area.

Any bikes in breach of the new codes will be impounded and it will cost the operators of oBike $50 to release each bike.

This comes after at least a dozen oBikes were pulled from the Yarra river during a mass clean-up.

Melbourne councillor Nicolas Frances Gilley has spoken about the new agreement saying,

"The signing of the MOU is a step in the right direction for sustainable transport options like oBike and a safer, clutter-free environment for bike users and pedestrians.

"It means oBike and the three municipal councils are on the same page when it comes to expectations, role and responsibilities."

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