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After Giving Birth This Chinese Lady Does Something Horrid

A woman has been arrested for allegedly abandoning her newborn baby in a pink plastic bag and leaving it to die.

The 20-year-old mother is thought to be uncertain about who the father of the baby is and had no income of her own, so, decided to dump the child.

Locals spotted the plastic bag in Wangjiaoqio village in South-West China and were shocked to find a newborn baby inside.

The child was rushed to hospital by police for emergency treatment but was unable to save its life.

Investigators who watched CCTV footage from the village discovered the child was carried across town by a mother wearing a red coat and black trousers who later discarded the bag a distance from her home in a random spot.

Police later located her and arrested her when she admitted abandoning the child just two hours after birth.

She refused to answer any questions about her motives and will be charged with murder if further investigations lead to her being guilty.

Credit: The Mirror (UK)

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