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Jarring Footage Emerges Of Young Girl Train Surfing In VIC

Jarring footage has emerged of a teenage girl brazenly 'train surfing' by hanging onto the back of a Melbourne train.

The girl hangs off the back of the train with just one arm, as the train moves at up to 115 km per hour. The young girl even posed proudly for a photo

The girl is also shown train surfing with a group of young teen boys, all showing little regard for their safety.

The young teens were caught by police, but seemed to show no signs of remorse.

Watch the video above to see the astonishing footage.

Earlier this year, Metro Trains CEO Andre Lezala told 9NEWS the current penalty for the offence was insufficient. Adults caught train surfing are fined up to $379, and people aged under 18 are fined $79. 

Do you think there needs to be tougher punishment for train surfing? Tell us in the comments section below. 

Source: 9 News / Daily Mail

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