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It's Happening Melbourne! We Are About To Hit 30 Degrees

It’s one of the worst days in Melbourne for a while but don’t stress, our first 30-degree-plus day is on its way!

For the first time in seven months, Melbourne’s top temperature will have a ‘three’ in front of it, with 30 degrees predicted for Friday.

The last time the temperature rose above 30 degrees was on St Patrick’s Day, March 17.

However, before we get there we will shiver and freeze, with Monday predicted to get to just 17 degrees.

We will see the temperature increase from Wednesday, with 20 degrees forecast before it sharply rises to 28 on Thursday and 30 on Friday.

Bureau senior forecaster Rod Dickson said it may get even warner ‘It depends on how things shape up, but Friday is a good chance of reaching the 30s, and if it does, it will be our first 30 degrees of the summer season.’’

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