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The Incredible Reason Aussies Are Putting Fairy Lights Up

You may have seen a surge of twinkling lights in your area all of a sudden and thought, ‘gee - it’s only September guys! Are the Christmas lights coming out already?’

The answer is no - it’s so much more than that.

It’s all part of a campaign to support same sex marriage - and showing your support has never been so beautiful.

Sydney man Steve Spencer decided to string fairy lights on the front of his home to spell out “yes” ahead of the Federal Government’s postal survey on the issue.

I'm voting Yes! #marriageequality #voteyes #putoutyourfairylights

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And in the week when Australian’s will be asked whether they support the change in law to see gay and lesbian couples able to legally wed, there’s never been a more poignant reason to get the fairy lights out.


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It’s the #putoutyourfairylights campaign, started by Mr Spencer.

“I’m encouraging people to put out their fairy lights so that our night times are full of support and love for the LGBTIQ community, who face increased homophobia during this postal survey,” Mr Spencer said.

#putoutyourfairylights #voteyes #equalrights #sayyes

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“Whether you spell out the word ‘yes’ or simply put your fairly lights out front of your house, you can show that you stand in solidarity with your LGBTQI family members, friends and the wider community.”


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