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Illegal Gun Trade Spreading Around Melbourne

Websites such as Craigslist are allowing criminals to post adverts for the sale of guns across Melbourne. Buyers are then having to download coded messaging apps such as Wickr, to contact the seller and organise the purchase.

undefinedA gun advertised online. Image: Herald Sun

The Herald Sun is reporting multiple online advertisements for different guns and ammunition for sale in Melbourne, for as low as $2,500.

Chris Dawson, the chief executive of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission chief has told the Herald Sun that these kinds of illegal trading websites have made it much easier for criminals to get firearms.

And not just guns - Mr Dawson went on to say that other weapons, drugs, false identities, forged documents and many othe prohibited items are popping up on these sites.

Victoria Police have warned that they are always checking these websites, and have charged a number of people for buying weapons online. They are concerned with the increase in the number of guns found, as well as gun related incidents.

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