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How Two Young Girls Survived The Ride That Killed Four

“From what I have seen, it is a miracle that anyone came out of that [alive].”

Those are the words from seasoned Police Assistant Commissioner Brian Codd after viewing the CCTV footage of the horrible incident at Dreamworld yesterday.

While the family and friends of four adults are in mourning after a thrill ride on the Thunder River Rapids went disastrously wrong, we can take light from the fact that two young girls’ lives were spared.

Codd said that the two girls, aged 10 and 13, were extradited from the ride and found their way to safety at a time where other members of their family and the public could not.

“I am advised that the two children are two young girls aged 10 and 13,” Codd said.

“I have seen CCTV footage and that Is a very important part of our investigation.

“In terms of how they escaped? Maybe through the providence of god or somebody.

“From what I’ve seen it is almost a miracle that anyone came out of that… if we are going to be thankful of anything, I’m thankful of that.”

While the specifics have not been released about what went wrong on the Dreamworld ride yesterday, Codd was willing to share his own observation after viewing the CCTV footage.

“All I am going to say is that obviously an incident has happened at the conclusion of the ride where the flumes… have come to the area where people would get off,” he said.

“Something has occurred where two of those have come together and as a result one has flipped backwards and it has caught and tossed some of the people that were on the ride onto the conveyor belt.

“That’s about as much detail I can go into and that’s off my viewing of the CCTV.”

As to how the two young girls were not dealt the same fate?

“They were thrown at one part from that ride and managed to extricate themselves,” he said.

While a coronial investigation continues, the focus for family and friends has turned to the wellbeing of the two young girls.

And Codd said the Police and emergency services were there to lend a hand in any way possible to help both the girls, their families and any witnesses that watched the terror unfold.

“At the initial scene [it was] absolutely traumatic for these children and it will continue to be,” he said.

“I am advised that they are being provided care from their family but there’s also offers of care and support from internal QPS sources, with our chaplaincy.

“Also through Lifeline where councillors are being provided from other government sources to, I guess, strengthen up their capacity to support not only those kids but any member of the public.

“[Any] witness, child, adult – that I guess the reality will start to hit them about that tragedy those services will be available and they are a very important part of what we need to do here.”

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