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How An Aussie Mum Ended Up In A Bali Jail For Murder

It began with the search for a missing purse with $A300 inside, Australian woman Sara Connor says.

Ms Connor is the Australian woman holed up in a Denpasar cell accused of murder. 

Details have emerged of the night Ms Connor and her boyfriend David Taylor allegedly killed a local police officer.

The body of Wayan Sudarsa was found at about 3.30am on Wednesday morning. Police say he had 42 wounds to his body. A broken beer bottle lay smashed next to him.

Now the legal team for Mr Taylor and Ms Connor have admitted they attacked the man - thinking he had stolen a wallet. 


Ms Connor and Mr Taylor, they said, had been down at Kuta beach late Tuesday night and were "kissing" when she realised she lost her purse with around three million rupiah (A$300) inside.

Mr Taylor approached the victim, Mr Sudar a asking him what he knew about the purse. Then a fight broke out. Ms Connor says she saw Mr Taylor throw a punch but isn't sure how many.

She went closer to find Mr Taylor sitting on the man's back, her lawyer Robert Khuana said.

"Sara tried to separate them by lifting her left leg and pressing it against the victim's left shoulder. That's why she's bitten in her right (hand). When he (the victim) turned, her left thigh got bitten."

Mr Taylor allegedly told her to search his wallet as it was possible the man "was not a real cop," lawyer Mr Khuana said.

Ms Connor went in search of her purse again before finding Mr Taylor standing at the side of the road.

He allegedly told her the man had "passed out" and would wake up soon.

She approached a motorbike taxi - known as an 'ojek' - to take them to the police to report the missing bag and what occurred at the beach but the driver refused, her legal team said.

Ms Connor and Mr Taylor returned to their hotel room, had a shower and slept, waking up at 7.30am on Wednesday.

Later, when the couple were in Jimbaran, near Kuta, Ms Connor received a call from the Australian consulate telling her "there was a problem in Bali", Mr Taylor's lawyer said.

His legal team say they burnt the clothes before going to the consulate in Denpasar where they were arrested on Friday afternoon. They have been in custody ever since.

Speaking on behalf of Mr Taylor, his lawyers say he is sorry for the incident. "Our client feels sorry for that incident. He (Mr Taylor) admitted it," lawyer Haposan Sihombing said.

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